#TAPChallenge: Jude Okoye Pays Hospital Bill Of Woman Who Gave Birth To Triplets (PHOTO)

As part of his contribution to the Tithe Against Poverty Challenge, #TAPChallenge as initiated by OAP, Daddy Freeze, Psquare’s brother and former manager, Jude Okoye has paid the hospital bills of a woman identified as Aisha Malik who recently gave birth to triplets.

According to Daddy Freeze who shared the news on Instagram, Jude sorted the woman’s bill after she made a video begging Nigerians to help her with post-natal medical bills.

Daddy Freeze shared a side-by-side photo of Jude and the woman on Instagram with caption;

“Remember AISHA the lady who had triplets and couldn’t pay her bill! – @judeengees has sorted it all out as his contribution to the #TAPChallenge.

Please guys say a prayer for him. As he has shown compassion to a woman who can not repay him back so will he and his entire family receive compassion and favor from friends and strangers.

May his pockets never run dry and may he never lack in Jesus name, amen!

Please join us as we take the #TAPChallenge! The tap challenge is the tithe against poverty challenge where a portion of our income is used to remove someone from poverty!” ~FRZ – #FreeTheSheeple


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