Tanzania: President John Magufuli holds talks with Tanzania’s opposition leader

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli and the main opposition leader Edward Lowassa met for the first time since 2015 polls at State House Dar es Salaam on Tuesday.

Prime minister, who was also his challenger during the presidential election, had long wanted to meet with him.

‘‘On various occasions, Lowassa has requested to have a meeting with me and today, I have met him…he told me what is in his head and I told him what is in mine, ‘’ the president said.

On various occasions, Lowassa has requested to have a meeting with me and today, I have met him…he told me what is in his head and I told him what is in mine

In 2016, Lowassa refuted claims that he had plans of returning to CCM and that he had asked some people to facilitate the plan.

The Chadema party leader Lowassa praised the government for its work.

“I have commended the president for the good work he has done, we must acknowledge the work done and he needs to be encouraged,” Lowassa is quoted saying by a statement from State House.

Among the developments noted in the meeting is the ongoing construction of the electric standard gauge railway (SGR) from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro, the 2,100MW Stiegler’s Gorge hydroelectricity project and free basic education.

Lowassa said the projects would create employment for many Tanzanians and improve livelihoods.
%anians and improve livelihoods.

“For this, I truly thank the president, you made my day,” he added.

President Magufuli said the former prime minister was a good politician since he did not insult him during the presidential campaigns in 2015.

“We will continue to honour these elders who made their contributions… and I thank Lowassa for acknowledging that we [government] have done a lot of good things,” President Magufuli said.

President Magufuli campaigned on the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party ticket and defeated Edward Lowassa who ran on the opposition Chadema coalition ticket, during the 2015 presidential elections.

The meeting comes amid rising criticism of the president’s leadership style with critics including the church accusing him of being intolerant to dissenting views.
Nearly a year after taking power, the Magufuli administration banned opposition rallies on grounds that the campaigns were over and the opposition should wait till the next campaigns in 2020, attracting hordes of criticism from the opposition.

Recently, there has been an exodus of politicians crossing over from the opposition Chadema to CCM amid allegations of bribery to encourage the defections.

Last week, Chadema chief whip Tundu Lissu, who survived an assassination attempt in September, blamed the government for the attack.

“A government that sends assassins to target politicians for having contrary views should be condemned by the international community,” he said.

Lowassa has himself been arrested several times over claims of holding illegal political meetings and allegedly making seditious remarks.

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