Why Starboy having a third child isn’t such a bad idea

We should be happy for Wizkid, not wondering what happened to his morals.

Wizkid has fathered another child, according to reports from local news media. This time, it is reported that he welcomed the baby with his manager in the US, Jada Pollock.

“He got his manager pregnant earlier this year, Wiz and Jada got into a romantic affair months after they started working together. He’s a bit reckless but she really has it for him,” a source revealed to Pulse recently.

The baby boy, believed to be about two weeks old, is Wizkid’s third child in six years.

In 2011, Wizkid had his first son, Boluwatife, by Shola Ogudu, then a student. In 2016, he was mired briefly in a scandal with US-born Guinean model, Binta Diamond Diallo which ended abruptly when he accepted responsibility for his second son, named Ayodeji.

On the surface, the entire story is perfect for judgement in the court of public opinion.

Isn’t it worrying that Starboy is sowing his wild oats with such reckless abandon, spreading love and children everywhere like a new wave 2face Idibia?

In typical Nigerian fashion, fans have already begun to ask questions of Wizkid’s self-control and whether or not, his celebrity status has shielded him from criticism.

It is normal for fans to project their morals on to artistes in these situations, but when its all said and done, Wizkid having a third son is not that much of a big deal. In fact, it’s not a big deal at all.

Wizkid’s son, Ayodeji Balogun & baby mama, Binta Diamond Diallo (Instagram)

One could also say that the problem with most fans is not the fact that Wizkid has three sons, but the circumstances in which he had them.

Nigeria is a marriage-obsessed society and while some may be progressive to some degree, the idea of having children outside wedlock is still very somehow to the most progressive of us.

Why can’t Wizkid just be a regular person and marry like the rest of us?

But that’s the problem; the artistes we sing along to and elevate to pop-star status are not like the rest of us.

No-one can deny that in the place he enjoys as one of Africa’s most prominent musicians, Wizkid is living any man’s dreams.

With his achievements and a near-constant presence in the news, it is easy to forget that he is in his mid-20s; still an unbridled young man.

When the microphones go off and the bubbly begins to flow as it always does, natural desires and youthful exuberance can still take precedence over logic or restraint.

This is where the parameters change. For him, as with any other artist in his shoes, it is all too easy for him to satisfy his desires.

In today’s world where everyone is the media and millions of fans hop on and off trends and personalities, artistes like Wizkid are elevated to the status of sex symbols very quickly.

Strange women throw themselves at them, and the women that they want are much more accesible than they would be if there was no star-power.

In their reality, the opposite sex is never too distant and romps are commonplace. A good time  easily becomes more than just that, then a baby becomes part of the equation.

Having a third son doesn’t nail Wizkid to the cross or present him as the scapegoat of reckless decisions and multi-national children.

At the risk of referring to 2Face as the blueprint, it is no mistake that artistes at similar junctions as Wizkid such as 6lack and the Migos’ Offset have welcomed children in the same space of time.

On the home front, he is not alone either. Davido and 9ice have had multiple children by different mothers in the last few years. The list of unencumbered fathers also includes Ice PrinceJesse JagzOlamide and Flavour.

It’s simple; musicians of a certain stature enjoy a mix of youth and power that attracts the opposite sex and spurs them to fulfil fantasies and meet their desires.

In truth, it is not ideal. But it is one thing to be promiscuous and another thing to be irresponsible; that distinction becomes clearer when a child enters the picture.

Jada Pollock chilling with Wizkid

When that is the case, as it has been with Wizkid on three occasions now, all that truly matters is taking responsibility for the child and providing for their care, at the least.

From 50 Cent to Original Stereoman, musicians have a history of leaving single-mothers and children in the wake of their stardom.

With the exclusion of the first few weeks of drama with Miss Diallo, Wizkid seems to have a healthy relationship with his sons, from where we’re seated.

With Wizkid now acknowledging his son, named Zion Ayo-Balogun, he has an obligation to provide and nurture.

Fulfilling that obligation and ensuring that their children get what they need and deserve is much more important than whatever questions of morality or bad press may confront the artiste when this scenario plays out.

As we’ve seem with Chris Brown and his daughter, Royalty, or American rapper, Chance the Rapper and his daughter, Kensli, a child can be a wake-up call, a gift that puts things in perspective and helps the artiste re-evaluate his path and get grounded.

In all fairness, Wizkid may need to exercise some restraint before the spirit of child support catches up with his cheques. But none of that takes anything away the beauty of birth and a new child.

As long as their needs are met and they are acknowledged, having a boy, or three within the space of six years is never really a big deal, not even for Wizkid.

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