Sex Night

  1. How To Make SEX Enjoyable At Night
    1. Take a cold bath and get into your bedroom.
    2. Try and switch off the television and radio to stop you from noise… so you can feel the spirit.
    3. Switch on the fan or A.C to ventilate the room.
    4. Now sit/lay in your bed for a good position.
    5. Be in your underwear and cover your legs to your chest with only cloth or blanket.
    6. Take your Bible and read from John chapter 3:3
    7. After that, close your Bible, meditate, pray and sleep.
    Do that daily because Jesus is coming very soon, so be serious with your Christian walk with GOD!
    Thanks for your time. If I hadn’t used “SEX”, you wouldn’t have bothered reading it with such rapt attention.
    I don’t want you to miss Heaven because I love you you, and God loves you more.
    Repent! Brethren repent, because you don’t know when the trumpet will sound. IRE O

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