Presidential Riddle

Buhari met with d Queen of

England in London. He

asked her.
Buhari: How do you

run such an efficient

government here?

Are there any tips you can give

to me? I want to help Nigeria.
QUEEN: The most important

thing is to surround

yourself with intelligent people.
Buhari: How do I know the


around me are really intelligent?
QUEEN: Oh, that’s easy. Just ask

them to

answer an intelligent riddle.

The Queen sent for David


David Cameron walked into the

CAMERON: Yes, your majesty.

You sent for me.
QUEEN: Answer this riddle.

David, your mother

and father have a child, it is not

your brother and

it is not your sister. Who is it?”
CAMERON: hmmm… that would

be me.
QUEEN: Yes, very good.
When Buhari came back home he sent for Osinbajo.
Osibanjo walk in to Buhari’s office.

Osibanjo: Sir you call me.

Buhari: Yes sit down and ans this, Your

mother and your

father have a child, it’s not your

brother and it’s

not your sister, who is it?
Osinbajo: I’m not sure, let me

get back to you.


asked all his staff in the office

but none could

give him an answer. Osinbajo

ran to Fashola.

Osinbajo asked
Osinbajo: Your mother and

father have a child and

it’s not your brother or sister,

who is it?”
FASHOLA: That’s easy. It’s me!
Osinbajo smiled and said,

Thanks! Then he went back to

speak with President Buhari.
Osinbajo: Sir, I have the answer

to that riddle, It’s

Babatunde Raji Fashola!
Buhari got angry, and said to

Osinbajo No wonder Nigeria

isn’t moving forward, I am

surrounded by dummies! The

answer is .David Cameron!!!

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