LIFESTYLE: Reasons why Lagos is better than Abuja

Lagos state the centre of excelence,a state of pride, a state having numerous opportunities.
Lagos as a state of excellence also a uplace for business both local and international which brings about competitive business in the econom ,this helps to boost d country and making the state a mega city having mega growth.
Lagos a highly populated state makes the city busy and interesting and this brings about so many social life in the state.
Lagos state has one way or the other helped in the employment sector,many industries are built in lagos state and these has really aid in creating job opportunities for the masses.
many youths empowerment programs and activities has really been organised by d lagos state government making the youths one of their priority.
Life in lagos compared to abuja is so cheap making the people comfortable.there is high cost of living which includes both feeding and accommodation in Abuja. in Abuja ,a room self contain Worth’s minimum of 250/300,000 per annum.The cost of living in abuja is extravagant in contrast to lagos.
Lagos having several markets and each having different markets days which brings about a subsidised amount on the goods. Buying of land in abuja is at its premium compared to Lagos state. high cost also in terms of clothings .
Lagos state, a state which attracts people from different walks of life both local and foreigners come around to lagos as a place for tourism.lagos having so many shopping malls even at an affordable price, museums,theatres and the organisation of different entertainment shows by so many celebrities still in lagos.and cheap flights
are available in lagos.  
Many might see lagos as a highly populated state as unfavorable, but it actually promotes and boom the economy because it brings about high rate of demand and supply in the industries.flight from Lagos to Abuja

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