Definition Of Sorry

1) sorry is wen u dey use candle fire de fine
where petrol de smell…eyaa..I pity u
2) Sorry is when u pay 700k for iPhone8, on
getting home u fine out it has 2sim card
slots…tears go finish 4 ur eyes.
3) Sorry is when u write u BBM pin instead of ur
metric no in ur final exam…na wetin u dey think
4) Sorry is when unknown 2 u,u slap an army
general in front of a barrack…big sorry.
5) Sorry say patience ebele is ur english teacher
b4 waec…u go become weac customer.
5) sorry is when ur landlord likes ur “I don
hammer status” on facebook…ur house rent don
increase automatically b dat.
6) sorry is when u get 378 in jamb and fail
7) sorry is when u throw away 450naira change
instead of gala wrapper and you no get another
money to go house…no lie,e go pain u small!
Oya My People, ADD YOUR OWN…

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