Death toll among Egyptian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia rises to 7: Ministry

Egypt’s health ministry has said that the death toll among Egyptian pilgrims carrying out the hajj this year has reached seven.

A 60-year-old women died of a myocardial infraction on Friday as she entered her hotel, the head of Egypt’s hajj medical commission Ahmed El-Ansary said.

Deaths from heat exhaustion, fatigue and other natural causes are a common occurrence among pilgrims on the hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Last year, 43 Egyptians died from natural causes during the pilgrimage.

Saudi authorities say more than two million Muslims are expected to participate in this year’s hajj, which starts next week.

More than 1.4 million Muslims have so far arrived in the kingdom.

Around 80,000 Egyptian pilgrims are expected to perform the hajj this year, Egyptian officials said.

All Muslims who are able are required to complete the pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime.

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