D’Banj Finally Reacts After He was Lambasted and Called ‘Stupid’ by Eedris Abdulkareem

Nigerian musician, D’banj has finally reacted to the insult given to him by veteran musician, Eedris Abdulkareem. Some days ago, Abdulkareem had in an interview lambasted D’banj, even to the extent of calling him stupid and saying that the Kokomaster should not have left Don Jazzy.

Abdulkareem further tongue-lashed D’banj saying that he“lacked talent and all he has is ‘razzmatazz’”.
While reacting to the criticism in an interview with Saturday Beats, during D’banj’s one year anniversary of his initiative, CREAM, an acronym that stands for Creative, Reality, Entertainment, Arts and Music, the Kokomaster bared his mind on Abdulkareem’s outburst.
He told Saturday Beats that he felt Eedris could have handled the matter in a better way. The Kokomaster said, “At first, I did not see the video where Eedris spoke about me and initially, I thought it was something else till people sent me the video.
I have seen different videos of him talking about different artistes that are young enough to be his kids. I would have thought that if he was such a role model, there were better ways he could pass his message across but I have nothing against him. I have nothing more to say about him. I feel people just have different ways of expressing themselves.”
He also used the opportunity to talk about his son and what being a father means to him. “Being a father is very humbling. I have always acted as a father to a lot of young artistes from the days of Mo Hits but now, I have a child of my own. When he was born, I was in the hospital and as I held his hands, it made me realise that to whom much is given, much is expected. This is someone’s life that I am responsible for.
It is not just about fatherhood but now I have a family. Before I became a family man, I took decisions without looking back. I could decide to sleep on the Mainland; I could decide to chill with my friends. But now, I have responsibilities. I have people that I am responsible for and we are growing together. The good thing is that I have a great partner and I love it. Each time I look into the eyes of my son, I know that it is real; I have to keep working harder,” he said.
Apparently impressed about the success of his CREAM initiative within a year and how it has changed lives, the singer said, “The CREAM platform was valued by KPMG and that is why we put out their findings. Nine months into the launch of the platform, we employed them and they helped with documentation. We have not done any other auditing since then and  I was surprised about their findings because this is a platform that we just launched. It is an idea that God gave us and I worked on it with my wonderful team and for it to be valued at over a hundred million is humbling.
I am sure that as I speak with you, the value of the initiative has increased because we have more investors and we are thinking on expanding to other countries. I am sure that in the next few years, we would have advanced. However, that is not the point of the CREAM initiative. It was established to serve as a platform that can encourage talents in Nigeria and I am glad it is achieving its purpose.”

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