Those Who Criticize Me Don’t Appreciate Talent; They Lack Faith In God – Ebony

Young Ghanaian reggae/dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns, has responded to her critics, saying they do not believe in God.

According to Ebony, those who criticize her do not recognize and appreciate real talent.

Ebony has been in the news lately, especially after she went almost naked on stage while performing at the annual 4stye TV Video Awards last Saturday.

Others have condemned her stage craft, classifying it as erotic.

Some people have also said that Ebony lack moral manners.

However, Ebony has stated that none of the criticisms bothers her.

She said in an interview with DJ Advicer on Happy FM that it is God who has given her the latent and so anyone who criticizes her is rather showing disbelief in God.

The ‘Date Your Father’ hit maker says she has heard many other rumours about herself but she has decided not to pay attention to them.

“Some people say I smoke before going on stage so I can be high or whatever… but they are wrong.”

“I have never smoked to get high. God gives me the strength to perform and I feed on the energy of the crowd to give my best,” Ebony disclosed.

The ‘Hustle’ hit maker said she is a very spiritual person.

“I pray every day. I pay my tithes, sometimes I sing at church. Even though I don’t get the time to go to church every Sunday, I don’t play with my spirituality,” she said.

She further said in the interview that some people have accused her of employing the services of ‘juju man’ to make her career successful.

But Ebony said she has not thought of contacting any fetish priest to help her in her career.

“I will never go for ‘juju’ because God is making me successful. No one has even discussed that with me. Not even my manager has brought it up,” Ebony disclosed.

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