Technology: The media’s role in promoting inclusive growth in Africa – Amrote Abdella

December 4, 2017 Adedeji 0

Recessions, geopolitical uncertainty and natural disasters – these are some of the scenarios the global community has faced in recent times. Economies have suffered the […]

What you need to know about Africa’s biggest gadget market

November 22, 2017 Admin 0

You know you’re in Computer Village when you see people moving here and there, and countless shops covered with different types of gadgets. Computer Village, […]

South Africa: Siemens helps digital skills development in Africa

November 3, 2017 Adedeji 0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is having a disruptive effect on economies and the development of digital skills is vital, according to Sabine Dall’Omo, CEO of […]

South-africa: GovTech participants develop software to address social challenges

October 30, 2017 Adedeji 0

Participants at the Government Technology Conference in Durban have developed various software applications aimed at addressing social challenges in public administration. State Information Technology Agency […]

Nigeria: Experts hinge Nigeria’s survival on digital skills

October 27, 2017 Adedeji 0

Nigeria, and indeed, Africa’s ability to develop the youths’ digital skills will definitely bequeath some economic powers, according to some information and communications technology (ICT) […]