‘I Can’t Date Ghanaian Men, They Are Too Lazy And Only Good In Bed’ – Ghanaian Based Nigerian Actress Chesan Nze

Actress, singer and beauty therapist, Chesan Nze has bared it all in an interview with Potpourri, on the kind of men she’d like to date.

The pretty actress, who is currently studying at Zenith College in Ghana opined that even though Nigerian men are not so romantic but dating a Ghanaian is out of the question for her.

Her reason? “They are a very lazy lot,” she said.

“Ghanaian men are lazy, the only tGhanaian men are lazy, the only thing they do is sit at home, and the lady goes out to get the money to feed their sick A$$. They can’t spend their one kobo on women, they are only good in bed, based on what my friends told me, but not hardworking, I cannot date a Ghanaian,” she stated emphatically.

Chesan Nze, started acting as a child but professionally in 2014 and has also appeared in some Ghanaian movies. She’s currently studying Mass Communications at Zenith University in Accra after a diploma in Banking and Finance from Nnamdi Azikwe University, in Nigeria.


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