Business: Coffee making takes centre stage in Burundi

There are many competitions to determine the best flavor of coffee in the world.

In Burundi, a competition was held recently which brought together some of the best coffee makers from various parts of the country. It was a question of determining the best coffee made.

The speed and the various mixtures counted among the criteria of distinction.

Augustin Manirakiza, is the Technical Director at Burundi’s Coffee Regulatory Agency said

“If the coffee is prepared right from the start by the producer and all these processors and the roasters or if the baristas makes good coffee, the consumer will simply enjoy his coffee and the demand will be high. satisfaction will be great as well as the country profiting from the sale of coffee. “

All participants in the competition presented a sample of their coffee mix at the discretion of the jury members and the consumer.

Francois Nkurunziza, President of African Fine Coffee Association said

“The Baristas are very important people in the coffee sector because they embody all the efforts made by many people up until the last step; which means a customer enjoying a cup of coffee “.

The organizers were keen to promote the credibility of the competition by ensuring maximum integrity.

The competition also helped organisers to identify young talent.

A participant Jordan Nandi said “I feel good and I’m ready to face the other baristas I hope that I will represent our country well, we hope that we win”.

Organized by the African Fine Coffee Association, the participants in this contest have gained popularity and participated in the promotion of coffee made in Burundi which earns the country foreign exchange.

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