About Us

Africanbing About US

AfricanBing stems from the founder’s desire to connect people together and give them a medium online in which they could find a place to be entertained, educated, and learn about the world around them. Many social media sites promote each value individually, but it is near-impossible to find one where these all come methodically in one.
AfricanBing covers entertainment news, beauty, Sport,  Interviews,  culture and lifestyle, events – bringing you all the juicy stories and latest news you need to know. Word of mouth travelled fast for a reason and it’s the perfect mix of entertainment, events, interviews, fashion plus fabulous.
Over the years, we have delivered detailed information about what’s happening, covered major events, and reached a lot of readers in Nigeria and diaspora. Our visitors and readers are worldwide from all over the world. Each visits come from Africa and beyond.
AfricanBing is not a website for uptight writing and boring practices, we’re here for a chill atmosphere you can scroll through after school and office stress. The site is here for you and a lot of time was put into perfecting it so that our readers love it.