Aboki Riders.

Instead of these Aboki Okada riders to tell you that they don’t know the place you are going to,
They will just Call price for you. So I decided to teach one of them a lesson.

ME: Bike, Bike, you dey go?

ABOKI: Where u dey go?

ME: Australia, How much?

ABOKI: Kai, how much U go pay?

ME: You Tell me how much u go collect..

Aboki: N200 last

ME: huh? Australia no far na, no be 100

Aboki: No na N200

ME: (try to leave him)

Aboki: Oya make we go…

“***Starts Bike***
Since 6 hours on bike, we are still on our way to Australia…..
Aboki don round town and am enjoying the Ride.?

ABOKI: Oga, I neva reach?

ME: No ooo e remain small, but you say you know the place?

ABOKI: Yes I know am, e dey for front but your money don pass N200.

ME: no wahala, I go Add 20 naira… Just
continue …

I go gist una how e end.
But not now sha, till we reach Australia.

Today, I must reach Australia with N220.?????

You all enjoy the rest of your day and a beautiful weekend ahead. Feel good.

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